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Don't be a Bond villain

23rd Aug 2012, 3:21 PM
Don't be a Bond villain
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Pr1ps 23rd Aug 2012, 3:21 PM edit delete
Hallo, comic readers folk! How are you today?

As always, things are messy, with all the works and responsible-adult stuff I must do but I'll always find the time to draw another strip of MRTDL, since you guys seem to be liking it! And that's just awesome! Wuv you peeps!

Before I leave, there's something I've been wanting to mention: Although I read all your comments and suggestions, I may not reply them all just because I don't know exactly how :( But yeah.. Keep posting, I shall keep reading and failing to reply.

Bis sp├Ąter!
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Matheus 23rd Aug 2012, 3:51 PM edit delete reply
Wow! Nice work, very creative! ;)
Guest 23rd Aug 2012, 4:15 PM edit delete reply
LOL! Fantastic!
Doomy 23rd Aug 2012, 5:24 PM edit delete reply
Aww she is like a proud mama ~
ZombieLikeBrains 23rd Aug 2012, 5:30 PM edit delete reply
My god I love this comic!
Demon Claus 23rd Aug 2012, 6:09 PM edit delete reply
Demon Claus
heart warming and funny! xD

i really love this comic btw, dunno if i've spoken up before this page but hey i'm saying something now hehe! can't wait for whatever other shenanigans happen in the future!
corneliusgoodfellar 24th Aug 2012, 3:05 AM edit delete reply
James Della Valle 24th Aug 2012, 5:39 PM edit delete reply
"Instabookmarking" this...
Red Death 26th Aug 2012, 7:16 PM edit delete reply
I'm so proud of him! <3 Now we just got to get him to read the guide to being the Ultimate Overlord and he'll be unstoppable!
Lola 2nd Oct 2012, 7:39 PM edit delete reply
That's just amazing. I can't stop reading. You're a genious :DDD Congratz!
Grilo Costa 11th Oct 2012, 5:10 PM edit delete reply
Caley Tibbittz Collopy 18th Oct 2012, 11:30 PM edit delete reply
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
I'd have used Star Trek II: The Wrath of KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN!!! But those movies are also good examples.
Zacula 30th Jan 2013, 5:11 AM edit delete reply
On this day, one Dark Lord finally became genre-savvy.